Corporate presentation

Corporate presentation

For more than five decades, CGTI is a renowed specialist in towers and masts devoted to any communication purpose, encompassing end-to-end competencies from design to site services for structures from 10m to 600m high. Fully committed to our customers and their evolving demands, our team continuously innovates and challenges its expertise to propose the best solutions in order to optimize our customers Capital expenditures as well as Operational expenditures. Passion and commitment to this field of activity is our daily driver and we thank you for the attention to bring to our company through this internet site.

Our experience and reputation lies through 25 000 tower and mast installations we made all over the world. We have references in more than 90 countries, from Alaska to Burkina Faso, from France to South Pole, from Costa Rica to South Korea.

In addition to new infrastructures, the growing number of sites as well as CGTI tower database in the world generate needs for maintenance, expertise, reinforcement and refurbishment for which CGTI has a complete portfolio and experience.

Through our portfolio, we address a large variety of customers requiring installation, expertise and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructures. In addition to mobile operators, we work on high structures with radio & TV broadcasters and military authorities (VLF application), on Tetra networks for oil & mining companies.

Emergence of alternative energies have given grounds for new applications with towers for wind measurement, solar panel and wind turbines.

Our headquarter is located in France, at 1h drive from Paris

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