Quality commitment

Quality commitment

Quality management means the involvement of  employees, suppliers and customers, in a process of constant improvement of CGTI performances.
It aims for excellence in CGTI’s practices and must serve its customers, its employees and the company’s own expectations.

CGTI is ISO 9001 certified since 1994, bearing in mind that our company has at least one quality certification on its core business for more than 35 years starting with RAQ.

It relies on 4 main guidelines

  • customer satisfaction
  • employee satisfaction
  • health & safety
  • economic performances

It follows and complies to ISO 9001 process which defines process management, resource management and monitoring process of performances (production and installation). For this latter, we focus on raw material quality (strength, welding & galvanisation abilities), on welding and welders qualification and on galvanisation.

This process is formalized in related documentation: our Quality Assurance Manual, a complete set of internal procedures & specifications and process definitions. It is available to any employee in the company. It also provides instructions for constant assessment of performances against objectives.

Closely followed by Senior Management, quality management ensures effective and continuous progress of the quality system through regular reviews.

Thanks to these guidelines, CGTI has maintained quality management system performance which represent a cornerstone of its experience and a guarantee for its future.