Guyed masts

Guyed masts

CGTI proposes various design according to customer needs and specifications under  product names of CG350, CG600, CG900 and CG1200.

For any criteria beyond below features, please access to special towers page.

This is the most cost effective solution for site deployment when site land availabilty is granted.


  • Triangular cross section
  • Leg member is pipe or 60° angle profile according to requirements
  • Antenna load up to 30m²
  • Section width varies between 0m35 and 1m20.
  • Assembled by means of bolts and nuts (no welded sections).
  • Internal ladder for CG1200 type
  • External climbing or ladder for CG350, CG600 and CG900 types
  • Different types of guyed wires such as galvanised steel or  aramid fibers
  • Fitting of anti twist.

All type of accessories can be fitted

  •  Working and rest platforms
  • Anti falling system (cable or rail)
  • Anti intrusion system
  • Day and night beaconing
  • Antenna supports, brackets and cantilever
  • Earthing and grounding protection
  • etc

Field of applications are

  • Mobile Communications
  • TV and radio broadcast
  • Public services
  • Microwave  and backbone transmissions
  • Military application
  • Measurement and meteorological applications

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