Self supporting towers

Wood & Tower©

Wood & Tower©

This range aims to accelerate site acceptance for mobile operators in a context of growing site densification, by using wood. Our innovative eco-friendly approach generates a positive visual impact with a special design integrating wooden structural parts.


  • 4 legs tower
  • Wooden structure service class 3 outer ventilated
  • Species: Douglas, larch or maritime pine sapwood purged
  • Assembly by means of bolts and nuts.
  • Maximum height: 30m
  • Maximum antenna load: 12m²
  • Maximum wind speed: 160km/h
  • Fitted with an internal ladder
  • Possibility to integrate polyesther/fiberglass radome
  • Resistant to woodboring insects
  • No specific maintenance nor treatment
  • Modular design to allow easy replacement of any part

All type of accessories can be fitted

  • Working and rest platforms
  • Anti falling system (cable or rail)
  • Anti intrusion system
  • Night beaconing
  • Antenna supports, brackets and cantilever
  • Earthing and grounding protection
  • etc

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