Special towers

Special towers

Thanks to its engineering and manufacturing capacities, CGTI has a unique expertise for « tailored to needs » towers, especially in high structures up to 600m high whatever the antenna load.

Our design office can propose either self supporting towers or guyed masts.

In that respect, main fields of application are radio & TV broadcast and military transmissions.

An existing product range is available under the following designations

  • PAT 91: this structure is made of hollow pipe leg members. Possible sections are either triangular (3 legs) or square (4 legs) according to specifications. Possible height up to 250m
  • PCC Sp: this structure is made of 90° angle profile leg members. Its section is square (4 legs). Possible height up to 150m.
  • CG1200, CG2200 and CG3000 are the 3 different guyed masts ranges. Leg members can be either hollow pipes or round bars. Their section can be either square or triangular. Possible height up to 600m.

We can answer any other request with customized design. All our towers can be fitted with usual accessories.

CGTI also has a specialization in radiating masts for Radio and VLF applications where we also provide insulators and radiating cables.

As you may see in our references page, CGTI has already a comprehensive history in this type of structures.

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